Comprehensive Painting Services in Humble, TX


fresh coat of paint or stain can bring new life to rooms, add curb appeal to home and commercial buildings, and help protect your investment for years to come. Get great work at a great price with our painting services in Humble, TX. We are happy to bid on all types of painting and staining projects. We will meet with you at your convenience, and provide you with a free written and detailed estimate. No surprise charges are ever added after the fact. Get in touch with the team at The Perfect Touch Painting to enjoy the many benefits of working with us including:







  • Trust - You can hand us the keys to your home with absolute confidence
  • Quality - Your project will be completed to the highest industry standards
  • Care - You will be treated with unparalleled courtesy and professionalism
  • Detailed - Your every concern will be addressed with care and attention
  • Investment - We will add strength, beauty, and value to your home
  • Insured - We are 100% insured to protect you from liability



Specializing in Exterior and Interior Painting


The way the inside of your house looks is just as important as the outside. While your neighbors and prospective home buyers see the exterior and judge the quality of your home based on that, your friends and visitors see the interior. Impress anyone who passes through your home by taking advantage of our exterior and interior painting services. Our experienced painters take the time to prepare all surfaces, apply each coat of paint evenly, and make sure every detail is perfect before calling the job complete. Whether you’re refreshing the paint in a bedroom or repainting your home before listing it for sale, we have the skills and equipment necessary to make your property look great.

Interior Painting Services for Every Room

Could your home’s interior use an update? Sometimes all it takes to reinvigorate a room is a fresh coat of paint. You can choose to go with a completely different color and totally change the décor to suit your new color scheme, or you can choose a shade that matches the old paint closely so there’s not a lot of redecorating to do after the painting. No matter what color you choose, our painting professionals are here to help you choose the right color and then apply it expertly to any room in your home. Breathe some new life into your house with help from our exterior and interior painting team.

Upgrade Your Home with Exterior Painting

If you’re planning on selling your home any time soon, why not boost the property value and curb appeal with a new exterior paint color? Not only does new exterior paint improve the curb appeal, but it also helps make your neighborhood look better. Allow our painting contractors to boost the style and value of your home.

Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule painting services. We serve clients throughout Humble, Texas, and the surrounding areas.